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Proportional/Servo Valves

Factory trained technicians ensure a quality repair with optimal performance. Every valve is evaluated and the specs are compared to those of the original manufacturers. Internal leakage, AFSA wear, hysteresis, and flow are all calculated and compared to OEM specification. Tolerances are calculated and computed. Coils and electronics are tested and measured to verify working order.

In the testing of a servo/proportional valve: The first step is the calibration of the torque motor (pilot stage). The torque motor is assembled and tested in a strategic manor where components are calibrated as they are assembled on a custom test stand. After calibration of the pilot stage, it is then placed on the main stage. The complete unit is then tested for internal leakage, flow, response, hysteresis, and control. All of this is achieved through precise meters, gauges, high response motors, and digital transducers. After all tests are preformed, a test report is generated displaying the performance of the valve against that of OEM specifications.

Servicing, sales and repair of:
Rexroth, MOOG, Pegasus, Atos Bosch, Vickers, Atchley, Sunstrand

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